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Struvite Crystals

This is what urinary crystals look in a domestic pet. This particular type is called struvite crystals and they tend to occur when the urinary pH is too high. They tend to happen secondary to dietary issues so prompt diagnosis and correction are vital. If crystals remain in the bladder for too long they can [...]

Dreaded Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a deadly condition that impacts dogs and cats. These are worms, parasites of the heart transmitted by mosquitoes. The good news is the disease is totally preventable. You may be thinking: “My pets are always inside so they’re safe!” Sad to say this is not always correct. Pets that never, or rarely, [...]

Sarcoptes Scabies

Sarcoptes scabies, also knows as Scabies or Mange, is a skin parasite of dogs and cats and other mammals but it is also zoonotic which means it can be transferred to people. It causes severe itching as well as secondary skin infections that can lead to severe medical issues. Being highly contagious it is important [...]

Dr. Alfonso’s Advice

KILLER LEPTOSPIROSIS LURKS Greetings everyone. What a week we had! Hurricane Irma really packed a punch, many of us are still without electricity or water. Despite the stress we are already experiencing we have to bring your attention to the threat Leptospirosis, Lepto for short, is to your pets. Lepto is considered an Emerging Bacterial Disease by [...]

YGF September Newsletter

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a pleasant summer and your furry ones are doing well. With the school semester starting and things calming down a bit, it is a good time to pay attention to our pets, especially those over 7 years of age. We can't stop aging but we certainly can help their [...]

Beautiful Lost Cat

A gorgeous Domestic Medium Hair male cat was found. He has brown tabby stripes and white coloring. He is approximately one year old and is not neutered. Please contact us if this cat is yours as we are still looking for the owner.

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