Heartworm disease is a deadly condition that impacts dogs and cats. These are worms, parasites of the heart transmitted by mosquitoes. The good news is the disease is totally preventable.

You may be thinking: “My pets are always inside so they’re safe!” Sad to say this is not always correct. Pets that never, or rarely, go outside will be at a lower risk, but mosquitoes can and will come into your home to feed on any source of blood they can find.

A fast, painless heartworm test is the best way to diagnose if your pet has heartworms; if no worms are present, then heartworm prevention can, and should, be started immediately. Heartworm prevention should be administered monthly for the rest of your pet’s life while testing for heartworms is to be done yearly to make sure they stay negative for these parasites.

Our staff is well trained in heartworm prevention and treatment protocols so please call us and make an appointment to have your pet tested. Without treatment this condition is lethal and can cause your pet extreme suffering.

Please be proactive and get your precious pets tested and protected to avoid a potentially deadly situation.

Your caring staff at YGF 4C/ Low Cost Vet & Exotics