Hello everyone. Hope you all had a pleasant summer and your furry ones are doing well. With the school semester starting and things calming down a bit, it is a good time to pay attention to our pets, especially those over 7 years of age. We can’t stop aging but we certainly can help their golden years go as smooth as possible. Medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney failure, liver disease and a few others can all creep up slowly as we don’t notice until it is at an advanced stage. For this reason, YGF Four Corners is now offering a Geriatric package to screen for all these issues and make sure your beloved pet is healthy outside and inside. Dogs and cats are both afflicted with the same issues as they get older with cats being harder to diagnose on time due to their naturally secretive and independent nature.
Our profiles include a checkup, CBC, chemistry, thyroid screen, fecal exam and urinalysis. Cats are sometimes challenging to get urine from so it may not be possible to do urinalysis on all cats.
Give us a call to inquire about pricing on these profiles as we are running a special during the whole month of September.
Prevent sudden bad news by knowing ahead the internal health of you pets and discussing with our Veterinarians any preventive options.

Give us a call at 352.227.5671 to see how we can help you and your pets have a long and healthy relationship.